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John Osgood, San Francisco Bay Area Artist

I've worked with both commercial and residential clients to create large scale commission paintings that enhance and activate offices and private homes. I work in both abstract and representational imagery to create vibrant and colorful pieces that compliment the surrounding area.



The process of creation is cathartic akin to journaling. I use texture, layering, and vibrant colors along with words and symbols to produce a story. My paintings and murals act as a piece of amber saving moments in time and preserving memories and emotions. These narratives are represented through vivid colors, words, and hidden gems. While my paintings and murals are deeply personal, I paint them to be interpreted in various ways. I believe people are attracted to my work because we all share parts of this common human journey of emotions and life experiences which makes each piece feel familiar.  My intention is to find commonality in the human experience and what connects us all. 

 For available artwork, please visit Voss Gallery.

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