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Mural Pricing


Generally, our prices range between $20 - $50 per square foot and the range is most dependent on the complexity of the mural design, while the overall cost of the mural is most dependent on the size of the commission. For a free estimate, please call or text 916-550-3466 or email California Mural Art services all of the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond including the greater Los Angeles, San Diego areas and entire West Coast.


Complexity of Design

Typically our murals are created with aerosol and if the mural does not require detailed brush work, it would not be considered complex. Complexity comes with very fine details or font work which require a lot of hand painting and taping. Most large scale pieces are actually visually striking without using finer complex details and we can work with clients on creating a design this way.


Mural Size

The complexity of design and mural size are usually the two largest factors of the commission that effect price. The larger the mural, the higher the cost of the mural as pricing is based on per square feet. For example, if you have an exterior wall that is 10ft high by 20ft long and you are looking for a basic design in all aerosol, you would calculate 10x20 = 200 x $20 for a total of $4000.


Equipment & Location

Additional costs of equipment rental would be added into the quote based on the size of the mural. We have experience creating murals both with cherry pickers and scaffolding. If either of these are required for the mural, the cost is a transparent pass through to the client, no additional fees are added. Murals in the Greater Seattle Area or San Francisco Bay Area will not include any extra travel fees. Anything outside of these areas usually include minimal travel fees within the continental US.


Working within the Clients Budget

We have a passion for the work that we do and love working with clients on ways to stay within a client’s budget. For instance if you have a large wall, but a small budget, we can work with you on designing elements that will not fill the whole wall, but will make it look full through design elements and large graphic shapes using all aerosol. Let us help you find a solution that works!


Minimum Mural Fee

Having over a decade of experience with mural commissions, we have found that there is a minimum amount of hours that go into the design and execution process that does not calculate out for us on small wall sizes which is why we have a minimum mural fee of $3500.


Image Licensing or Buying the Image Rights

This comes up once in a while where a client asks to either license or buy the rights to the image from the commission to use for sale on products. It is rare that a client would request this, but we have experience with this and we can discuss on a case by case basis.

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