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Using a combination of acrylic and aerosol, Osgood weaves his figurative work into his abstract style creating a unique commission for each piece of wall art. Specializing in custom large scale murals and paintings, he has experience working with large and small businesses, schools, cities, neighborhood chambers, commercial campaigns and private collectors. Murals and large scale paintings have a transformative effect on the space that they inhabit and he has several years experience working collaboratively with clients, neighborhoods and key stakeholders to ensure public murals fit within the community they reside in.
He is available to service all of the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond including the greater Los Angeles, San Jose and San Diego Areas and the entire West Coast. His client list of commissioned work includes Microsoft, New Amsterdam Vodka, Chicago Title, San Francisco Premium Outlets, Washington State University, Weingarten Realty, and more. 

Mural Commission Process

Below is a description of what clients should expect when working with us. The process is the same regardless of the size of the mural or painting commission.

In order to get the most accurate estimate on your commission, please include the following information:

  • What size is the wall? And how much of the wall do you envision being covered by the mural or painting?

  • Will the wall require a cherry picker/scaffolding to reach?

  • Is this an exterior or interior wall? If interior, is there ventilation and can we use aerosol?

  • What is the wall made of? (concrete, drywall, stucco, etc)

  • Is the wall paint ready or will it need to be prepped?

  • Where is the wall located?

  • Please email photos of the wall along or architectural renderings (if under construction).


​For a free cost estimate, please call or text 916-550-3466 or email with the above information along with any creative ideas you have for your custom commission.


Signed Agreement & Design Deposit

As part of the proposal process, you’ll receive an agreement to review. If you’d like to move forward in the design process, the client would then sign and send an initial design deposit. Work on the design will not begin until the agreement and deposit are received.


Design Process

After listening closely to the client and the creative direction that they would like to go in, we provide 2-3 rough sketches to ensure that the ideas have been clearly communicated. The client will then provide feedback and based on this the design process will move forward with 1 detailed design. This basic process is included in the total cost of the mural. However, if the client changes their mind about the direction after the detailed sketch is complete a $40 per hour design fee will be added into the process.


Deposit & Painting

Once the design phase is complete a 1/3 deposit is required 2 weeks before the start date to buy or rent supplies and/or equipment to begin the project. If the project is large and lengthy another milestone deposit of 1/3 will be scheduled in mid-way through. As work is started on the commission, we will check in with updates and photos (if the mural is within easy distance of the client, we encourage visits to the site to look at the progress). Once the commission has been reviewed and approved by the client, the project is declared complete.


Final Payment

Final payment is due upon completion of the commission.

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