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How Does the Mural Design Process Work?

If you are new to hiring an artist to custom design a mural or painting, it is helpful to know how the process works. As an example, we had a client who wanted a colorful geometric color block design with a native bird and something that adds a humorous element to it.

Below are examples of the sketched ideas:

The next step after the client selects the sketch that they prefer, the artist then refines the design based on the clients feedback. In this case, the client wanted to remove the mountain and log that were in the initial design and requested the bird move down in the composition.

Below is an example of the refined mock up:

After the client approves the final design, the next step is the installation of the mural, ordering supplies based on the color schemes, etc. Our team takes time to explain to clients that the mock up does not look exactly like the mural, there are nuances to paint application and brush & aerosol work that change the feel and look of the finished mural.

Below is an example of the finished mural:

Visit our Mural Gallery to see more examples of wall murals or visit our Mural Pricing page to learn more about pricing.

About the Muralist

John Osgood is a contemporary painter, muralist and illustrator who was born, raised and lived most his life in the Seattle area and is currently residing in the San Francisco Bay Area. He has painted murals up and down the west coast specifically in the San Francisco Bay Area, Greater Portland and Seattle Areas. John has over 10 years painting both murals and large scale commissions for commercial and residential clients including IBM, Microsoft, New Amsterdam Vodka, San Francisco Premium Outlets, Uber, Verity Credit Union and Weingarten Realty among others.

For a free estimate, please call or text 916-550-3466 or email California Mural Art services all of the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond including the greater Los Angeles, San Jose, San Diego areas and entire West Coast.


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