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Transforming an office setting with a contemporary abstract mural

Here is one of my latest mural projects I worked on in Seattle. The client wanted a colorful contemporary abstract mural for their staff lounge and recreation area. This piece was created on a 16'w x 9'h interior wall using acrylic and aerosol. The colors that I worked with were from the clients branded color palette and I used layering and shading techniques to create an optical illusion of depth.

The client is a cutting edge gene therapeutics research company using RNA techologies. Keeping this in mind during the design phase I integrated symbolic images like a polypeptide chain and hexagonal shapes to symbolize chemical structures. Being a muralist and not a scientist, there were artistic liberties taken on the symbols within the design which I feel can be enjoyed by both scientist and laymen alike. I enjoyed the challenge and creativity involved in this commission and feel that the piece really transforms the space creating a vibrancy and livliness that the employees can enjoy when they are taking a break from their work.


John Osgood hand painting and detailing the interior mural
John Osgood hand painting and detailing an interior mural

About the Muralist

John Osgood is a contemporary painter, muralist and illustrator who was born, raised and lived most his life in the Seattle area and is currently residing in the San Francisco Bay Area. He has painted murals up and down the west coast specifically in the San Francisco Bay Area, Greater Portland and Seattle Areas. John has over 10 years painting both murals and large scale commissions for commercial and residential clients including IBM, Microsoft, New Amsterdam Vodka, San Francisco Premium Outlets, Uber, Verity Credit Union and Weingarten Realty among others.

For a free estimate, please call or text 916-550-3466 or email California Mural Art services all of the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond including the greater Los Angeles, San Jose, San Diego areas and entire West Coast.


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